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Celebrating 60 years of Fellowship in 2022
  • Nourishing an Inspiring Home for Spiritual Growth in Christ’s Love
    Through: Worship, Music, Care, Fellowship, Prayer, Study, Service & Outreach

Our Worship service is not taped for August. We will continue in September.
Please join us “in person” at 10 am Sunday mornings.
Our last taped service, July 24 ,2022, is found on You Tube here.   HERE

IN PERSON worship on Sunday mornings at 10 am. Everyone is welcome, please join us. 

Masking, and Distancing remains mandatory.  
“It is under the guidelines of the United Church Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the message we have maintained throughout these months and now 2 years, that we need to uphold our Duty of Care, as members of the Church, the family of disciples of Christ, to make wise and honoring decisions with the awareness of the vulnerability of others first and foremost. We will not, at this time, hold an In Person Coffee time following the Worship Service, until we discern further our comfort level and volunteer capacity to support this. This also means that our Online Zoom Coffee hour, for those not in attendance, will not be held, as the timing to do so becomes untenable. These are some of the things we will still have to rethink as to what and how we offer such options of connection.  Let us keep Faith. We are not alone.”  Blessings,  Rev Daniel Kirkegaard
WE continue to upload the services on YouTube in a timely manner. Links will be posted here when available.

Tsawwassen United Church continues to serve the South Delta area.

Your continued financial support is always gratefully received.
You may donate to Tsawwassen United Church by E Transfers to:  TUCdonate@gmail.com

Recent Sermons

June 19, 2022

As we are now in the season of the Spirit, following Pentecost, we are reminded of the way the Spirit works in us and through us to be the best we can be. Of course, we know, that is a flawed process as we humans trip over our best intentions. So it is by the sustaining and grace filled Spirit of God that we are able to recognize the gifts we have been given to use for Kingdom purposes.

May 29, 2022

The Meaning of Theophilus, to whom Paul is writing to, is “Lovers of God”. That you and me as well.
His message hits close to home in light of the Statement this congregation made in the Living Faith Circle Report. “… in short, what is God’s purpose for us, now and into the future?” We don’t seem to be comfortable answering that kind of direct Question.

May 15, 2022

“… Who was I to think that I could stand in God’s Way?” Acts 11: 1 – 8
Peter takes a clear and world changing stance, for his time and context, in the thinking of the early church.
The Jewish converts to become followers of Jesus had carried forward and created new religious laws not from God, but from their culture and religious interpretations, as we all do. Thay had become entrenched, not open to change.
This story shows the clash between cultures and how Peter helped them to break through cultural bias and unscriptural ways.