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Sunday Morning at 10:00am

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Celebrating 57 years of Fellowship in 2019

Nourishing an Inspiring Home
Spiritual Growth
Christ’s Love

Through: Worship, Music, Care, Fellowship, Prayer, Study, Service & Outreach

Maundy Thursday, 7:00 pm Service at Tsawwassen United Church
Good Friday, 10:00 am Service AT Ladner United Church
Easter Sunday, Sunrise Service, 7:00 am  at Tsawwassen United
Easter Sunday, 10:00 am Service
Sunday 10:00 am Worship Service
Everyone is welcome to join us for worship and conversation over refreshments after the service.
All ages of every walk of life are welcomed.  

The congregation of Tsawwassen United Church is called as a gathering of members to be an active community of faith for the worship of God, within the context of the United Church of Canada, which attempts to base both its beliefs and practices on the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and as revealed in Jesus Christ. We seek to cooperate and maintain fellowship with all parts of the universal church. Tsawwassen United Church is celebrating 57 years of service in the South Delta area.

JAZZ VESPERS: For a year and a half we have been holding a monthly Jazz Vespers Service and we are so thankful for the enthusiastic response. It has been a joy to invite amazing Professional Jazz musicians and they enjoy being invited to play throughout the network of Jazz Vesper services all over the lower mainland. The service is set with an informal atmosphere and we open the doors to welcome and encourage family, friends, neighbors and even strangers to come and enjoy the evening. The music that is offered is chosen fully by the musicians and we wrap it in prayers and a short thoughtful reflection.So set your calendar to remind you on the last Sunday of each month that you have a 7:00 pm appointment, at Tsawwassen United Church, to care for your spiritual life with good music, prayer and friends. 2019- April 28, May 26, June 30.2019