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Our weekly worship services are recorded in our sanctuary for you to enjoy in the safety of your home, honoring the decisions of the Canadian Government and the United Church of Canada, to safely distance yourself from one another during this Pandemic time. 

                      Sunday, October 25th:   Sunday worship: Click Here

Welcome to Philip Francis, Pastoral Supply Minister, for Tsawwassen United Church  while Rev. Dan is on leave. Philip graduated from the MA Public and Pastoral Leadership program at the Vancouver School of Theology in 2019 and is now entering the final year of the Master of Divinity program at VST. He has been approved as a Candidate for ordained ministry by the Pacific Mountain Region. His field education was spent in community ministry at First United Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  Please join us in welcoming Philip to Tsawwassen United Church!



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The congregation of Tsawwassen United Church is called as a gathering of members to be an active community of faith for the worship of God, within the context of the United Church of Canada, which attempts to base both its beliefs and practices on the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and as revealed in Jesus Christ. We seek to cooperate and maintain fellowship with all parts of the universal church. Tsawwassen United Church is celebrating 57 years of service in the South Delta area. JAZZ VESPERS: It has been a joy, for over two years, to invite amazing Professional Jazz musicians and they enjoy being invited to play throughout the network of Jazz Vesper services all over the lower mainland.. upcoming dates: ( to be re-assessed in 2021) 


JAZZ Vespers
Postponed at this time.
Postponed for 2020

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September 6,2020

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