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Celebrating 60 years of Fellowship in 2022

Ministry Outreach

The Outreach Division of Tsawwassen United Church is a group of positive people who do the work of the church that is great fun and where gratification is speedy. We see the warm response of the people who are either the beneficiaries or interfaces of our projects. We connect with other churches, community assistance agencies and worldwide caregivers on behalf of a very generous and thoughtful congregation.

Naturally, we do not have an unlimited budget. We find creative ways to present opportunities to make life better for others. We depend on donations from church members and others in our community and deliver them on a regular basis to the organizations that would benefit.
1. Find needs in South Delta and do something about them.
2. Work in the Vancouver Lower Mainland to improve the quality of life where there is need.
3. Try and assist global agencies who perform small miracles around the world.

South Delta
Our connections include the Ladner Food Bank, Dry Graduation Committees, Food on the Corner Society and the Community Fund of Faith. To learn more about what we do, call the church office at 604 943 2911. One example of a local project is the creation and distribution of  Birthday-Party-in-a-bag and back to school backpacks which are managed for us by the Ladner Food Bank. Back to school bags for needy families are subsidized by the Richmond location of Office Depot.

Vancouver Lower Mainland
Our primary targets are the down town east side of Vancouver and certain sections of Surrey. We work with First United Church Mission and The Vivian, a transition home for women on Cordova Street. We send food, clothing, toiletries and money collected at our church and deliver the items on a regular basis by our Outreach members. Want to help or get involved? Our church is open Tuesday – Friday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm to receive your donations. Better still, come to worship on Sunday morning and bring your donations at that time. You will find a warm welcome and God’s blessing all in one day.

Around the World
The Outreach Division works with several agencies mostly in the form of financial assistance to help them with their work. The choices of who to help are endless and almost all are deserving.
We have elected to help:
1. Support the education to the high school level of two African girls through Canadian Harambee Education Society.
2. Contribute to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a rehabilitation hospital in Zimbabwe and selected disaster situations as they arise.

Tsawwassen United has been active with refugee work since 1981 when we sponsored a family from Vietnam. Since then we have sponsored a number of families jointly with other church denominations. These people have come from El Salvador, Guatemala, Afghanistan and Bosnia. In addition we have supported and given some oversight to about fifteen families referred to us by the Inland Refugee Society. This support has included financial help, household furnishings, food and Christmas hampers as well as some language services and advocacy. The successful settlement here of refugees fleeing dangerous homelands continues to encourage our work.

First United Mission, on the Down Town Vancouver East Side, which feeds, houses and cloths homeless people daily, receives the bulk of the donations we collect. They require supplies of toiletries, razors, socks, underwear, along with food supplies and dishes constantly as they are open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

There are also two other Missions that love to receive our woman’s clothing and children’s items in the area. Overall, we find a home for every item that is donated to our causes.